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Digital Versus Print Books – Which do you prefer?

April 23, 2020

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Digital Versus Print Books – Which do you prefer?

Digitial Versus Print Books, that is the question.

If that’s the only question that causes you to ponder in life, I’d say you’re doing alright!

Purists will always say Print Books where you can touch and feel the pages, smell the ink and feel the weight of the book in your hand is the only way to enjoy a book.

With the advent of digitial mediums, even libraries are embracing eBooks and Audiobooks, so which one should you go for?

In this post, I will go through the Pros and Cons of each medium but ultimately you dear reader decide which is the best medium for you.

Digital Versus Print Books - Which do you prefer? - In this post we'll discuss the key formats available to readers and the pros and cons of each medium.

Print Books

Usually enjoyed in Paperback or Hardback, print books have been with us since we could write.

Traditional oral stories suddenly started being written down and throughout history enjoyed and shared by those of means.

Then, we were all able to enjoy print books and that was that.

The main question was always, which book to start next?

Now, print books are something of a dying art but still immensley popular.

Who hasn’t browsed the #Shelfie Hashtag to lust after the perfectly curated books on social media?

Ones not only in Alphabetical order but also arranged by colour!

Having a lot of books is now seen as the status symbol of being well read and also well informed, it doesn’t matter if you’ve necessarily read them all or not.

Becoming by Michelle Obama have helped the publishing industry grow and rise despite stiff competition to suggest otherwise.

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PROS of Print Books

Easy to find and has the most variety.

Easy to lend to a friend or borrow from your local library.

Available from multiple shops so you can shop around.

CONS of Print Books

Hard to take more than a few with you while travelling.

Can be expensive compared to digital editions.


Far from being a modern invention, eBooks have been around for a long time.

Since the 1930s in fact! (Which I only found out just now when I was researching this article).

There’s so many ways to access eBooks.

Many companies like Amazon have a dedicated eReader, the Kindle. There are also ways you can access eBooks on your phone or digital devices like a Tablet or iPad.

Even then you’re most likely restricted to some kind of eReader or PDF viewer to help you read the book.

I love eBooks now.

I was a purist for many years, but I find they are so much easier to access and give me instant gratification versus waiting for a Print book.

PROS of eBooks

Easy to access via an eReader

Wide variety of books available

Easy to read and access

Cheaper than print alternatives

Instantly available to read and enjoy when purchased or borrowed.

CONS of eBooks

Not all Print Books are eBooks

Sometimes more expensive than Print Books

Cannot share with family and friends like you can Print Books

Audio Books

Audio Books are one of my FAVOURITE platforms now, but I’m incredibly selective of the ones I choose to give my time.

Available to buy or borrow across platforms, this is a great way to have someone narrate a story or concept to you while you’re doing something else.

I find Audiobooks allow me to “read” so many more books while I’m doing mundane tasks and help keep me entertained as well.

When your favourite public figure like Michelle Obama herself or Busy Phillips narrate their books themselves, it adds an extra touch to their autobiogrpahies.

But it takes a skilled narrator to bring books to life, which is why I have a whole category for Audiobooks for you to find your next listen.

Audiobooks are predicted to overtake even eBook sales in 2020 which shows that we all want to go back to that feeling of being read to.

PROS of Audio Books

Easy to access and you can start listening right away.

Books come to life with excellent narrators.

CONS of Audio Books

Can be more expensive than Print or eBooks

Easy to miss key points if you’re not concentrating


In conclusion, I think all formats lead to a great reader experience.

Depending on how you like to access your words, it doesn’t really matter and I feel you can enjoy each book in however manner you choose.

What format do you like best and are you open to trying other formats?


Digital Versus Print Books - Which do you prefer? In this post, we'll discuss the key formats available to readers and the pros and cons of each medium.

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