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Have your reading genres changed as you’ve gotten older?

July 10, 2020

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Have your reading genres changed as you’ve gotten older?

Reading genres is how we define the books we like to read and those we don’t.

I have this theory that when we’re younger, especially if you’re a bookworm, you devour anything and everything you can get your hands on.

When I was growing up, the library and the bookstore were my happy place.


I relied on the featured bookshelves to inspire my reading choices.

As I grew out of the childrens book shelves, I ventured into Young Adult and then eventually Adult when I’d pretty much read all that my library had to offer.

That’s when it got really interesting and I started to discover genres like Romance, Historical Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Autobiographies etc.

Even when I became an adult, I still occasionally ventured into the Young Adult section, but as I’ve entered my 30s I’ve not been in their now for years.

What Genres did I used to read that I don’t read now?


I will never read Horror or Science Fiction books, they’re just not my jam.

Although I did review one Science Fiction book recently but have concluded Sci-Fi is still not for me.

I used to read a lot of fantasy creature focused fantasy at that including Vampires, Werewolves, Warlocks etc but I haven’t read one in many years.

Historical Fiction used to be one of my favourite genres but I rarely read that now.

Romance is just not my genre anymore.

What have my reading tastes changed to?


I never used to read Contemporary Fiction much when I was younger, but that’s what I’m mainly reading these days.

Never used to read Non-Fiction or Autobiographies but I really enjoy them now.

Rarely read Reference or Instructional books, but I seem to be filling my shelves with them!

Why do readers tastes change?


I’ve researched into this extensively (i.e. done a quick google search and picked 2 blog posts that prove my point).

What I’ve found is that reader tastes change because you seek to escape from something and when you’ve found acceptance, you move onto the next genre.

Emily at Blue Eyed Biblio shares that she latched onto The Hunger Games during High School as it was a difficult time for her, and that series helped her get through that period of her life.

I latched onto the Harry Potter series and many other YA series because I was having a hard time at school.

Moving around constantly as a family for my dad’s job meant we changed schools, houses and countries frequently and I could never settle.

Books became my constant and I was able to find solace in my fictional friends.

Jess from Jessica Writes shares that since she’s become well versed in her chosen genre, she’s a lot pickier about what she chooses to read and also enjoys reading outside of her usual genres.

What if I don’t want my reading tastes to change?


Change does not have to be scary!

It was scary and frustrating for me at first to move away from my beloved Fantasy novels into Contemporary Fiction.

As my life experiences change and I become more educated in the world, I choose to focus my time and energy on books that I will enjoy.

That’s the biggest lesson as a reader.

Read only that which you enjoy and abandon when you don’t.

Have your reading genres changed as you’ve gotten older?

What did you used to read and what don’t you read now?


Our reading tastes do sometimes change as we get older. Is this a good or bad thing? This post delves deep into this topic.

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